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A really long time ago in a far off land somewhere in Mexico that no one could find, a young chico (boy) grew up to be stronger and healthier than all the other village niños (children). When asked, "How did you get to be so fast and healthy?" he would reply "Momma's Fast, Fresh and Healthy® Mexican Food". His dream was to take the Fast, Fresh and Healthy Mexican Food (and tasty too) cooking lessons that he learned from his Mamasita (little mother) and bring them to the great land of America for all Americanos (Americans) to enjoy. So off he went in search of a location where he could serve his Fast, Fresh and Healthy Mexican food. After a long hard search (on foot, with no shoes, up hill, backwards, in the rain), he discovered the land of Woodland Hills, CA, Canoga Park, CA Warner Center and the San Fernando Valley.

Señor Grandes Fresh Mexican Grill has been serving Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley and Canoga Park, CA area with Fast, Fresh and Healthy, made to order, Mexican food since 1991. Located across from Nordstrom Rack, LA Fitness and Staples, this fast casual restaurant is the place to dine when you type into your browser fast food near me. For years office workers, residents and shoppers have enjoyed the flavors of fresh cooked vegetables and meats prepared in all our healthy recipes.